Discover the CORE building blocks for creating daily systems and a life where you can F-UP your goals and start saying F*IT to being average.

What is the 3F Method?

The 3F’s create total balance in your day. Most of what gets people stuck in average is wasting time from either getting lost in daily chaos or constantly feeling overwhelmed from not being energized.  Start making small daily improvements to see big life changes.


How healthy is your relationship with the FOOD that you put in your body? The FOOD you eat directly effects how you show up in your daily life.  Why is this important?  In order to stop getting average results you want to show up as more than average each and every day, creating a compound effect in how much joy, love and happiness you’re letting into your life.  Discover more ways to achieve this by downloading your free copy of F-IT today!


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? It sounds cliché but the reality is that no one really loves working out, what they love is how working out makes them feel the other 23 hours of each day.  What they love is how FITNESS allows them to move and create a positive energy that attracts the things they are looking to accomplish each day. You don’t need to be the Incredible Hulk to be fit, you just have to start saying F-IT to being un-fit. Discover more ways to achieve this by downloading your free copy of F-IT today!


Have you ever tried to sit in silence and listen to the answers being given? When you sit in your own silence you discover that you already have the answers you are seeking to the questions that are troubling you the most.  Everything you desire is already within you, the secret is what you do daily to unlock those answers and realize your greatest potential and your deepest desires. Discover more ways to achieve this by downloading your free copy of F-IT today!!


David DeLorenzo, the DELO, is the co-founder of the multi-million dollar hospitality company Bar & Restaurant Insurance, a co-founder of the brand Local480 and host of the Bar & Restaurant podcast. Personally driven to expand people’s vision of success to a 360-degree view that encompasses a collective approach to food, fitness and focus. DELO’s mission is to help people discover how to feel that… “I AM”, whatever it is they desire to achieve.

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