Unleash journey to where I am today…

During the early stages of one’s career it is easy to develop a tunnel vision towards success in one area.  This intense focus is powerful however DeLorenzo like many others realized that he needed to expand his view of success and wellness to a 360° view.  Through bringing more awareness to the right areas and developing well-rounded habits, Delo was able to transform himself both career wise and personally.


David DeLorenzo, the DELO, is the co-founder of the multi-million dollar hospitality company, Bar and Restaurant Insurance, a co-founder of the brand Local480, and a host of the Bar and Restaurant Podcast. Personally driven to expand people’s vision of success to a 360 degree view that encompasses a collective approach of food, fitness, and focus. DELO’s mission is to help people discover how to feel that… “I AM,” whatever it is they desire to achieve.

Be prepared in mind by having disciplined yourself to be obedient to every order, so that you know the right thing to do at the right moment, and are willing to do it.

David DeLorenzo


Kimber Lanning

David is a rare person. He cares deeply about his clients, his community, and all the people in his world, and it shows up in the way he does business. I simply could not say enough about the values he upholds in any relationship. He is a partner, a friend, and the most reliable guy you’ll ever get to know.

Al Fuentes

If you have ever met The Delo you will feel the authentic person that he is. That person comes out in this book through his passion to share with others. It is inspiring, motivating and a great read. Take the journey with him through food, focus, and fitness. You’ll thank yourself for doing it later.

Robin Reed

In the 15+ years I’ve known DeLo he has been on a consistent quest for personal improvement in all areas. For years, DeLo has invested his time in studying how to live the best life possible. I’m thrilled to see this getting shared with the world via this incredible program. F-it is a must read!

Melisa Korte

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