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Everyone that knows David DeLorenzo knows that he is fueled by passion in everything he does. His energy is always leveled all the way up. And he uses that energy to propel his success in business, to best help his clients (and his family and friends) and to serve as a local “connector and protector” in all aspects.

So how does he do it? David says the healthy success of his business (and state of his life in general) is directly related to his physical health. He is hyper-focused on simple approaches to health — such as clean eating, daily movement and fulfilling his passions. But he’s also into trying some unique biohacks to elevate that straightforward road map.

For example, DeLorenzo recently embarked upon a self-administered 14-day glucose monitoring program to help him define how each food he consumes reacts with his body so he can better determine how to give himself the best advantage, starting with his plate. The bottom line is that for him, eating healthy gives him the energy to live every day to the fullest and allows him the utmost energy to do everything he needs to do to run his multi-million dollar bar and restaurant insurance company.

“I pay close attention to my health and monitor the effects of everything whether it’s the use of a certain exercise machine, what foods I put into my body, how many books I can read to work my brain or how much guitar practice I can fit in,” he explains. “A lot of times people experience burn out not because they are overworked but because they’re not fueling themselves right… and that includes finding balance and taking time out for themselves.”

DeLorenzo enjoys his constant evolution thanks to his own biohacking with many different methods of healthy living. He encourages people to experiment with their own path to health and also to develop a passion in the name of health.

“We’re always evolving and changing. Seeking improvement should centered around doing what you love and enjoy,” he says, advising people that want to start biohacking their own health to seek a naturopath to help guide their journey. “Take a deep look inside rather than getting caught up on the outside appearance. If we all paid more attention to our inner workings, we’d have the inner sanctum of safety for optimal health.”

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