The Valued Aspect of Community in the Restaurant Industry
By David DeLorenzo

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Creating a community in any industry is important. Like-minded people can connect and support one another through many outlets when they form a community. But there is something truly unique about the community within the restaurant industry. It serves as a trusted place for restaurateurs to lean in and lift each other up and it provides an opportunity to help connect co-workers and strangers alike.

In fact, a big reason why most restaurant owners decide to open a restaurant has to do with community. Perhaps they have worked in restaurants all their lives and know and understand the unique connection of industry workers on every level — from dishwashers to upper management and everyone in between. Industry workers tend to become a family of sorts, the best type of community.

Or perhaps they want to open a restaurant to provide a place of connectivity for people in the neighborhood. Think of how many good memories are made over a casual dinner, a cup of coffee or a beer during happy hour. Restaurants are a key factor in connecting the people — from families to new friends — in communities throughout the state.

Food in general serves as a powerful community creator. It brings people together for celebratory reasons such as a birthday, anniversary or to congratulate a co-worker on a promotion. Many of those celebrations are centered around food and drinks — and take place at the fun, enjoyable environment of their favorite bar, restaurant or dining establishment where they can relax and connect.

Diners, business owners, restauranteurs… the power to create a community and connections lies within everyone. Forming connections allows people to learn from one another, to grow and expand their minds and business ideas — and to share great times. As an industry, it all begins here!

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