David DeLorenzo, AKA "The DELO"

I am David DeLorenzo, aka the DELO. I have combined my decades of professional experience in the music industry as well as the insurance industry with my personal passion for health and wellness to become a valued resource to both connect and protect my clients and friends across all fields. I’m a native Arizonan who attended Arizona State University and then immersed myself in the LA music scene, where I worked for the likes of Warner Bros. and Columbia Records and ran my own firm, Diamond in the Rough Promotions.

Who is DELO?

Through this time of working with and promoting the era’s hottest rock stars (including my idol Eddie Van Halen), the music industry began to change, and I couldn’t keep up with the partying lifestyle. I returned to Arizona to work at my father’s insurance company, Ambassador Group, where I started out as an agent and eventually created my own niche — Bar and Restaurant Insurance. I’ve since grown that niche into a successful business of its own and eventually bought my father’s firm. Today, I run these multi-million-dollar businesses and I love doing it.

I created my own destiny and success within the insurance industry, but I knew I also needed to redirect my personal life — and prioritize my health and fitness. After years of rededicating my focus on personal wellness, I developed the method, with emphasis on food, fitness and focus, to provide people with the simple tools needed to improve their health for good — mind, body and soul.

I have a unique approach to all my relationships in both my business and personal life. I enjoy serving and helping others, which has earned me the reputation as both a protector and a connector. I do so through insurance, my method and through inspiring speaking engagements and real-life coaching techniques that provide people with the tools to help them reach unparalleled levels of business and personal success in their own way.