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I am passionate about connecting with others and speaking about a variety of topics based on my own experience, struggles and successes.

A Few Topics I Speak About

My Story

I’ve had a pretty interesting life, and I bet you have too. We all have a story to tell, and I hope to help you define your life story by introducing you to mine. No story is without conflict — and if it is, there are many chapters left to write! I want to share with you everything I’ve gone through, and what I’ve learned along the way that has helped to not only catapult my career success but also elevate my personal life. You can achieve these things too, and all your own desires — and I hope my story can inspire you.

3F Method

I created the 3F Method as I went through my own personal health and wellness transformation. From strategizing ways to eat cleaner and move more to developing daily systems to help you reach your goals, I can help you discover the core building blocks to a healthier lifestyle and a happier you.

Business and Leadership

 I’ve owned and operated several businesses in several industries throughout my career, and I’ve built multi-million-dollar companies. The hospitality industry is my passion. I’ve found a way to help protect business owners in this industry through my decades of expertise and a desire to fill a need in this niche of the market. I can help you discover your own path to business and leadership success through my own journey. 

Overcoming Struggles

When I speak about overcoming struggles, I’m speaking not only from a place of compassion and understanding, I’m speaking as someone who’s been there. I’ve overcome my own challenges with overconsumption of both food and alcohol. I’m proudly seven years sober — and counting — and I work every day to ensure that indulgences no longer consume me. Through my journey, I discovered that small lifestyle changes, such as walking every day and making smart nutritional choices one meal at a time, were more manageable than big drastic changes. I firmly believe building out each day can help you stay in control of your choices, and I think making time for things you’re passionate about is what makes life worth living. This has helped me overcome some serious challenges, and I want to lead you through your own hurdles so you can come out better, stronger and happier on the other side.    


We invited DeLo to speak at our all-hands quarterly in 2021 and could not have been more pleased with how his message was received by the team. He was thoughtful in his delivery, shared personal stories and was vulnerable with his experience shares. His energy and enthusiasm for speaking and sharing his knowledge is infectious, we could not recommend him enough!
We had Delo speak at our annual retreat. Delo's energy, experience and content were captivating. Our team walked away with many lessons learned. Members of our team still reference parts of his presentation months later. If you are looking for a keynote speaker, Delo is your guy!

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